Luxury Customer Research

Luxury Customer Research

When: January – March 2021
Where: De Bijenkorf
My role: Led the cross department alignment on all research
Delivered: Personas, Customer journey maps, Service Blue Print, Design Sprints

Due to stores being closed, we needed to explore how we could define a high-end experience online matching the store experience for this customer segment.


  • Defined the target group
  • Investigated online and offline de Bijenkorf luxury customers’ shopping behavior (profiling from customer insights & analytics data).
  • Deep dived into luxury buyers’ motivations, pains and gains with qualitative and quantitative interviews
  • Interviewed experts to gain expert views into customers’ behavior and business infrastructure. Store inspiration day. 
  • Reviewed competitors, their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Analyzed and structured all insights in Customer Journey Map

Goals: Data driven understanding of our luxury customer & business opportunities

Discovery Research Process

Discovery Research

Defined the methodology and led the alignment of cross-department qualitative and quantitative research.


Coordinated qualitative and quantitative data research that led to creating 3 customer personas.

Journey Map

Highlighted all insights on a customer journey map showing the persona pain points & opportunities.

Alt Text

Discovery research

Benchmark competitors & customer data

My role in the project was to lead and manage the cross – department team of various researchers exploring the luxury customer domain. I organized alignment sessions, defined the methodology, and brought together all of the questions we had regarding customers into the aligned research findings.

In order to define Personas, we wanted to understand first the current competitor landscape, then understand our current customers. Thus we conducted the following:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Data analysis (Google analytics, session cam analysis, survey results, etc)
  • User focus groups

My Role: Facilitating research, defining milestones, defining research questions

Defined Personas

Interpret data

From all of the data we had gathered, I led a small brainstorm session with a fellow UX researcher where we defined 3 customer types. We kept in mind the end goal of the research we were conducting when defining the personas so that all relevant possible customer types were covered.

After the brainstorm session, I further refined the personas and created the persona visual you see here showing the key characteristics.

My role: Facilitating brainstorm, Final Persona Visual Design

Alt Text
Alt Text

Customer Journey Map

Defined journeys based on the 3 personas

In order to visualize the current pain points and opportunities, I coordinated the collection of all research into one customer journey map. My role was to define the overall template for the data for the UX researcher who then drafted the customer journey flow based on the insights. The end result was a cross-department team effort that we then shared with over 100 colleagues.

My role: research coordination, journey map template

What did we do from there?

Define Action

Focused on defining the actions & scope for each team based on the relevant research findings.

Alt Text


Design Sprints & Service Blue Prints

Within the e-commerce department, I helped each of the 5 squads understand the scope relevant for their team. Together with the UX designer within the squads, I helped to coordinate either Design Sprints or Service Blue Print brainstorm sessions.

I worked as a UX designer within one of the squads where the end result was a Service Blue Print which we used to define the areas of the system that needed the most changes in order to provide the luxury customer experience we desired.

My role: help other teams understand their scope, Service Blue Print facilitation

But that's not all! This project became the starting point for creating a more aligned, customer centric approach to reaching larger cross-department goals.