Emotional Lister Design Sprint

Emotional Lister Design Sprint

When: Fall 2020
Where: De Bijenkorf
My role: Sprint Facilitator, UX designer

In order to solve a complex customer problem and business request, we decided as a team that a Design Sprint was needed so that we could bring all of the many opinions and minds together to solve the problem. Working with Miro, I set up a customer Design Sprint template that was later used for all future Design Sprints conducted by other teams within the e-commerce department.

The Design Sprint was such a success, that it became a regular event for both my team and others as well. We were truly finding new ways of collaborating during Corona remotely while also pushing customer centricity to new levels of research and inclusion. You can read more about the digital set up and learnings in my Medium article published here.

Goals: Findability, desirability, engagement


How did I get started?


Defining the sprint goal, gathering insights, and digital space set up.

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Problem definition

Define the scope of the sprint

Together with the PO of my team, we defined the business and customer problem that we wanted to solve in a 4 day sprint.

Desk Research & Competitive Analysis

Get inspired by physical stores and competitors

In addition to planning the sprint, it was important to have a solid story and background into the problem scope. Part of this work included looking at inspiration from how physical stores display products and finding patterns that then could also be found in top competitor examples.

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Digital Miro space

Adapting the template for our own use

In preparation of the sprint, I set up a 4 day digital sprint space using Miro where I adapted the activities to fit our specific needs. This included additional design activities, detailed tasks for the later part of the sprint in order to facilitate group wireframing and prototyping, and user testing templates.

What did we achieve?

Sprint Results

Customer feedback during the sprint and following up through A/B tests.

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Customer Feedback

How customers felt about the solution

All of our participants mentioned that inspirational content (campaign imagery & text) would enhance their experience and even potentially create a subconscious effect on their future buying potential.

This was exactly the goal of our sprint so we were eager to implement an MVP and validate further.

MVP Launch

Positive A/B test results

As MVP, this test was only launched for one curated lister with positive results validating the potential subconscious effect on shopping. The next step was to further validate and measure the impact on other listers as well.

Key KPI’s
+7,11% AOV per user
+5,33% transactions / user

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The Result

An enhanced shopping experience that integrated content and storytelling on a standard list of products, helping to engage with customers while they shop.