Hi, I'm Laura Rademaker.

Over the last 18+ years I have helped teams uncover, understand & solve user problems while driving collaboration to reaching a shared vision.

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Hogeschool Utrecht
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Core Expertise

User Centric

I drive a holistic data driven approach focused on uncovering and solving user problems that reach business objectives.
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Design Thinking & Agile

I drive a lean and iterative mindset within my team in order to deliver continual value to the customer and reach business goals.
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I build and lead cross disciplinary teams focused on reaching shared objectives with impact across the organization.
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Curiosity may have killed the cat - but it strengthens the team!

I believe in leading with curiosity and empathy. Fostering an environment where teams work together towards continuous discovery habits that drive user & business impact.

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Featured Publications

Alt Text

Google’s HEART framework at G-Star

written by Contentsquare

Together with the CRO manager of G-Star, we shared our story of how we approach customer research through a holistic method of understanding the customer journey.

Alt Text

6 tips for a productive remote design sprint

article on Medium

I write about how to leverage the advantages of a fully digital design sprint and create an effective team.

Alt Text

4 Steps in our Design System Journey

article on Medium

In this article from 2020, I write about how we transitioned from working on separate style guides to a unified Design System creating alignment between design and development.  

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